Foal Weaning: By: Reach Out to Horses: Anna Twinney


How to Catch Your Horse: A Guaranteed Method


Jim Swanner: Alabama Horse Fair 2015 Part 1

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David Lee Archer Clinic in Alabama

If you want to see the Tennessee Horse Whisperer in action and you live in Alabama, you.. Continue Reading..

A Revolutionary Televison

Living Rural TV is a revolutionary television service that uses high-speed Internet to deliver online “On Demand” programming. Anyone, anywhere can watch any of our programs, any time of day for FREE. Living Rural TV is for those who love living the country life, living out of town, no sidewalk or highways…just dirt roads and tractors. As a child, their favorite spot was in a tree or on the back of their favorite horse. They wear boots, jeans and don’t mind getting dirty and they work with their animals.